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Promo Deals

Check out our promo details:

  • Free Dog Food bin with any 12kg or larger Eukanuba – while stocks last.
  • $10 off any Dental Diet purchased (Dry Food only).

Ask our friendly staff in store about any of these great deals, and check back soon for next months deals.

The clinic has purchased a new Endoscopy unit

This has the lastest Fibre optic LED technology and will be very useful for examining some of the “hard to get to” areas such as the nasal pasages, down into the lungs of dogs and cats, into the bladder for male and female cats and for retrieving foreign objects (bones, toys, pieces of material etc) that can go into the windpipe of dogs and cats.

Animal Behaviour Consultant

We are lucky to have the services of Kaiya Shepherd as a vet nurse and also qualified Animal Behaviour Consultant. She can deal with all ages and types of animal encompassing problem behaviour, such as anxiety and aggression, with positive reinforcement based animal training methods.

She is happy to run classes, give private lessons and customise behavioural consultations at our clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

She offers caring, qualified training and is willing to tackle all behavioural issues with a variety of proven training techniques.

Please note that Kaiya is Currently on Maternity Leave.

Boarding Cattery

New Cattery & Northlands Animal Care

For full cattery information, check out our Cattery page

In January 2013 we commenced building our new boarding cattery in the hospital. This has involved a major engineering/construction exercise, building up and out over the current building to have an inside and outside exercise area with a penthouse view over north western Christchurch. The cattery is staffed by qualified Veterinary Nurses who will give lots of cuddles (medication if needed) and entertainment to their guests. Each cattery unit has its own window and is air conditioned to maintain comfort in both summer and winter.

Our Cattery opened in October 2013. Please call our Cattery line 352 4336 for bookings or send us an email at

New Recovery and Intensive Care Areas

As part of our building upgrade we have designed a new intensive care and recovery area for our patients.

The cat and dog intensive care areas are now separate with large comfortable heated recovery cubicles. These are now in our central recovery area for close monitoring and observation.

Laser Therapy Now Available

Euan regularly attends Veterinary Conferences in the USA and returns with lots of new ideas and the latest innovations in surgical and medical treatments available.

He purchased the first Class 4 Laser Therapy machine in New Zealand specifically designed for Veterinary use. Laser therapy has been scientifically proven to have a huge number of benefits for a wide range of conditions.

The main benefits are:

  • Excellent pain relief following injury, surgery or with medical conditions i.e. painful infected skin conditions.
  • Speeds healing of wounds and injuries by accelerating tissue repair and cell growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory action – promotes microcirculation and lymphatic flow.
  • Drug free treatmnent of arthritic pain giving long term pain relief and an improved level of mobility.

For more information on Laser therapy, click here.

New digital x-ray machine

The radiology department at Northlands Animal Care Hospital has received a big technological upgrade in the form on a brand new digital x-ray device.

Digital x-ray technology allows us to produce high quality images within five seconds. This means less exposure to radiation and less stress for your pets. The image quality achieved with a high quality digital x-ray means fast, accurate diagnoses and the ability to send those images over the internet to specialist radiologists all over the world. This will benefit our patients with complex conditions, as specialist reports will often come back on the same day.

Our new machine is ecologically friendly with no chemical wastage or disposal, no exposure to chemical fumes inhalation for our staff and no storage or x-ray retrieval issues. Our x-ray images can be emailed to you, our clients, or to other veterinary practices throughout New Zealand.